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American Education Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

American Education - Research Paper Example † The hypothesis tested was the simple answer: â€Å"No. Not at all.† 2. Introduction In the early periods of American History, Christianity formed the main source of knowledge and teaching. Before the emergence of the Private School System, the Church influence was eminent on the American Education System. As per the founding rules and regulations set for the running of the education system, the American Federal Government had no rights of interference in the field of education. However with the passage of time, it was felt necessary that the country must have a centrally established education system (Haugen and Susan, pp43-49).   The Federal Ministry of Interior was responsible for looking after the affairs of education which included all sorts of funding until in 1979 when the Federal Ministry of Education was established formally. After 1979, all the affairs of the education in United States of America are addressed in the Ministry of Education. There is however an exception to some states that they can form and implement policies of their own which aim at benefitting the educational institutions. In United States, besides the government, there are social groups and educational organizations which aid and fund in education sector. The United States’ law protects every citizen’s right of getting education. ... American Education System is however not up to the required mark which would help the countrymen achieve the height and grandeur among the nations of the world. The institutions are educating the students with an aim to fill them with knowledge of theory having no attempt to turn them practical. They must despite try to make them innovators as to make them capable of devising their own methods of success. The obsolete method of memorization of stuff is against the current day requirements of skills. The system has failed to produce inside the student a will to conquer (Diane, pp74-88). Tony Wagner agitates against the American Education System in a calm manner: â€Å"Today knowledge is ubiquitous, constantly changing, growing exponentially†¦. Today knowledge is free. It’s like air, it’s like water. It’s become a commodity†¦. There is no competitive advantage today in knowing more than the person next to you. The world doesn’t care what you know. What the world cares about is what you can do with what you know† (Wagner and Compton, p 56). The schools in United States are unable to produce innovators which mean that American society must suffer from inertia: â€Å"The culture of schooling as we all know is radically at odds with the culture of learning that produces innovators† (Wagner and Compton, p 59). His conclusion was based on the research he conducted during visits of a large number of schools. He was sure that the current system if persisted for long would result in a society devoid of innovators. Many reasons have been deliberated upon by the researchers of the American Education System which hinder innovations. Students are taught to concentrate upon improving their GPA.

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