Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Film Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 15

Film - Essay Example Working in film industry can be very stressing and many times demanding. One is normally expected to film for long hours and likewise spend time away from home. This is where I score most for I am always available whenever needed. This has made me achieve a lot and make a lot of strides in the film industry. My passion and personality of patients has likewise blends well with the industry. Film requires patients and most importantly asking question and consulting a lot. The industry is very dynamic and with patience, one is always in a position not only better himself but help build the industry through continuous consultation. Despite the fact that very little is today documented about this hero, Martin Scorsese still remains to be my main role model in the film industry. Through critical analysis, every filmmaker from back in the 70s has been influenced in one way or another by this genius in various different ways. I have also admired the manner in which he merged quality and content. This makes him stand out. This man’s path to growth in film industry also inspire me a lot and I always feel that I can learn a lot from him still. In spite of this, there are various reasons that make me admire film industry in many ways. Key among them is that film offers one with practical skills like no other. Film industry is always a continuous learning process that equips learners with real time practical skills. The unique skills are the same skills that are needed to make it in the industry and career growth. Second reason why I admire film industry so much is the fact that the industry is worldwide. The excitement enjoyed by film personalities in my country is a diversion enjoyed by many other people around the world. This implies that the industry is wide and there are a lot of opportunity for growth and competition this makes the

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