Wednesday, February 19, 2020

The CentralFush Website Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The CentralFush Website - Assignment Example Information categories on the website will be as follows:†¢Ã‚  Information about personsThe website will contain information of celebrities from around the world and the various activities that they are involved in, which are in tandem with the fashion trend being discussed. This information will be more graphical than written. The information will be in form of image and videos.†¢Ã‚  Statistical informationStatistical information on the site will cover the analysis of the numbers of young people who are following a particular trend in a given region.   The analysis will be in form of numbers and percentages as compared to the total figure.†¢Ã‚  Public informationPublic information will be general information that originated from the public. For instance, this category will cover the most stocked footwear in most shops in every region. The opinion that the shop-owners have for stocking the footwear will also be included on the website. This is public information. Fun ctions of the WebsiteThe primary function of the website is to deliver trending fashions content to the young people from all over the world. Secondary to this, is cultural integration through the appreciation of various fashions from other cultures.Other RequirementsThe major requirement that the site will need is tailoring it for mobile phone viewing. The reason for this is that many of the expected users will be browsing the site via their handsets. As such, it will be necessary to have the site optimized to run on tablets, iPads as well as mobile phones.

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