Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Themes Of Crime, And The Prince Of Shadows - 1765 Words

Within both The Outsiders by S.E Hinton, and The Prince of Shadows by Rachel Caine there is a key link in relation to the themes of crime, and the sympathetic portrayal of youths involved. However, there is also a significant contrast in the social contexts of each novel. The Outsiders is set in the USA during the 1960s. Throughout this period, the rise in the US economy led to the eventual ascension in gang culture and recreational drug use, all present within Hinton s novel. The Prince of Shadows however, is set in the corruption of the renaissance period in Italy. Although written in February of 2014, this early background may have influenced Rachel Caine due to the strict Catholic restrictions on love and sexuality; thus, resulting in†¦show more content†¦Ponyboy s narration also refers to other members of the Greasers gang as buddy or pal , humanising potential criminals, and thereby presenting them positively. Therefore, Ponyboy’s overall representation as a microcosm of innocent and inquisitive youthfulness presents criminal youths in a sympathetic light, particularly from the perspective of the (previously discussed) target readers. The theme of innocence is similarly depicted within The Prince of Shadows. Homodiegetic narration is likewise used by Caine to present the protagonist, Benvolio, as a seemingly sensible character trapped within the ‘mad adult world’: ‘Was this love?’ Likewise, Benvolio uses rhetorical questions to mirror Caine’s views on the cynical nature of suppressed youths, and their secret realisation of the ‘real’ and supposedly harsher renaissance world. The intellect displayed by Benvolio puts him under the listing of innocent against the rebellious, as the homodiegetic narration is used as a silent passive thought in comparison to the stereotypically barbarous actions of rebellion. However, Benvolio’s suspicious nature, shown through his questioning of commo n modern ideals, contrasts with the childlike curiosity displayed by Ponyboy through his own, more simplistic, mindful questioning. The characters’ significant difference in age lowlights the sympathy felt towards Benvolio due to him being on the

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